This was the best photo of me that my mother could find. In all the other ones I'm really skinny and gangly looking.

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    Colm O’Grady - OUCH ENTERTAINMENT   

Colm O’Grady was born in the heart of Dublin, Ireland.

He’s been professionally creating circus theatre shows for over 16 years.

He is currently based in Bruxelles, Belgium.

O’Grady has toured 5 continents as a performer, touring with theatre companies, circus troupes, cabarets, numerous duos and as a solo circus performer and clown.

He studied for 2 years with Philippe Gaulier at L’ecole Philippe Gaulier.

He has followed a series of master classes over 6 years with Monika Pagneux which culminated in her book ‘Inside Outside’.

Since 2011 he has followed the clown pedagogy of master teacher Michel Dallaire at Hangar du Mines in France.

Colm is known to be a prolific artist and producer, he recently toured Europe with 3 solo street theatre shows- Hot Potato, Cirque de Sally and Yodel and will be touring them worldwide again next summer season.

His solo circus theatre show Delicious O’Gradydirected by Cal McCrystal also continues to tour and has received numerous standing ovations.

This year he is in creation for his newest offering under the direction of Francy Begasse with a non-verbal show inspired by Patirck Suskinds novel ‘The Pigeon’ of the same name.

He has also enjoyed success worldwide with the duo Naked Lunch with clown legend Kevin Brooking, an Ouch and Zirk co-production(

O’Grady also works as a director, his latest work was in September ’14 with Tumble CircusStarman’.

O’Grady co-founded Clowns Without Borders Ireland ( with Jonathan Gunning in 2007,  where Colm is presently the director and also currently the secretary of Clowns Without Borders International (

At the present moment Colm is performing with Palazzo (Stuttgart, Germany)in their wonderful new production ‘Fortune Hunters’.